Stakeboat Holder

Location: Occoquan

Duties: At the starting platform you will help align the shells to be in proper position for the start. You will also need to help prevent damage to the shells when they back up to your lane. You will remain on the starting platform throughout your shift. Before the start of each race, you will lie down on the plank that extends out from the platform and reach out your arms to catch the stern of the shell coming into your lane. DO NOT try to stop the stern from hitting the platform by putting your hand between the shell and platform, there may be too much momentum and may cause injury. When instructed, you will pull back or push out the shell a number of inches for alignment. These instructions, given just before each start, will come from the official at the side of the racecourse whose job it is to get all the bow balls in a straight line. He/she will use a megaphone or radio headphones. Be careful with your grip and make sure nothing is in the way when the starter says, “Go” and the boat explodes out of your hands. MAKE SURE TO LET GO OF THE SHELL IMMEDIATELY UPON THE START.

Do not engage in clever repartee with the crews. They are nervous enough already and needn’t be disturbed.

Instructions: Report to Regatta sign-in location and sign the attendance sheet and insurance waiver. Then ride to the finish line via a Shuttle Launch. Shift changes take place at the exchange dock near the finish line. Please understand that your club will be fined if you fail to report for your volunteer job

Dress: Anticipate inclement weather. You will be very close to the water for extended periods. Wear waterproof clothing, hat and sunscreen. DON’T WEAR RED COLORED ITEMS. THEY COULD BE CONFUSED WITH A REFEREE’S RED FLAG (WHICH STOPS A RACE).

Additional instructions for Stakeboat Holders: Headphones are usually worn only at the bigger regattas (e.g., VSRC), fit over one ear and have a battery pack that clips on to your waistband (belt). If using the Realistic brand headset turn the POWER to “MAN” (not VOX), Volume and VOX/MIC controls are set to “L” (not “M” or “H”). If using the Maxon brand headset, set the VOX/PTT Selector to “PTT” (push-to-talk) and the VOLUME control to the lowest setting that allows you to hear clearly (to save battery power). There are two sets for each lane. Use the Realistic brand first – they have the 9V battery. The Maxon brand has two rechargeable AA batteries that usually don’t last long. The brands are interchangeable (i.e., on the same frequency). The spare headsets will be in the white box (post office sorting box) usually set at the center of the platform.



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