Dock Duty

dock dutyDuring every water practice, a parent must be present at Thompson’s Boat Center for Dock Duty in case of an emergency. The parent on Dock Duty is there for safety and to feed the parking meters of athletes who drove to practice, if necessary.

Dock Duty Parent Responsibilities

  • Safety:  Bring a fully-charged cell phone and give your number to Gretchen.  You need to be on or around the dock area in case the coaches have any health or safety concerns that need to be addressed before they reach the dock.  For example, a parent on Dock Duty had to call for medical assistance when a rower encountered a blow to her head while rowing.
  • Meter feeder:  Rowers arrive and park on K Street and side streets (Thomas Jefferson and 31st Street) around 5:20am before parking meters are active. Student drivers should use PARKMOBILE to pay the meter so the Dock-Duty parent does not need quarters to feed the meter. If a student driver needs her meter fed, she should let the Dock-Duty parent know and provide quarters. Just before 7:00am, the Dock-Duty parent needs to put 3 quarters in the meter of each athlete car to prevent a $100 parking ticket.

What to do/what to bring? 

  • Park on K Street under Whitehurst Freeway, close to 30th St., Thomas Jefferson St, or 31st St. Head down to the waterfront and walk east (left) along river to the boat house.
  • Give cell phone number to Gretchen
  • For student drivers who did not use PARKMOBILE, collect car description, location, and 3 quarters from student drivers. (Cars are supposed to have a Visitation Crew sticker on them.
  • Bring some extra quarters for those girls who forget theirs.
  • Stay on or near dock during practice; do not go for a run.
  • Be on K Street shortly before 7am to put 3 quarters in meters student cars not using PARKMOBILE.
  • Bring some entertainment for yourself
  • Bring a jacket or stadium cushion
  • Be prepared to drive some girls to school. The Dock-Duty parent is also a Drive-Duty parent on that day.