Crew Boosters

Georgetown Visitation Boosters is an all-volunteer group dedicated to support of our rowers, coaches and family.  Board positions require an ongoing level of support; non-board positions support the team during particular time periods.

Booster positions:

  • Booster Chairs: Coordinate and oversee the entire Crew season. Act as liaison with Visitation staff, particularly with Athletic Director, to promote and advocate for Crew. Brainstorm with other volunteers for program improvements. 2017-18 Chairs: Alona Fayer and Sally Aman.
  • VASRA Rep: Liaison to VASRA for Visitation Crew, attends VASRA meetings, and acts as conduit for information regarding VASRA-sponsored events, rule changes, etc. 2017-18 season: Alona Fayer
  • Treasurer: Maintain a working knowledge of Crew Booster finances, budget for seasonal expenditures and equipment investments, produce Annual Report, coordinate with Visitation Athletic Director and Visitation Accounting in managing Crew account. 2016-17 season: Lisa Maco and Rob Sobolewski
  • Publicity/Team Photographer: Take team photos at events and find others to cover events if Volunteer cannot be present. Upload and maintain a password-protected photo site open to all current Visitation Crew families. Act as liaison to webmaster, Newsletter editors, and any other public-relations venue to promote Visitation Crew. Create news stories and provide photos to Visitation for publication. Works with Booster Chairs to brand the team with coordination of colors, logos, and images. Brainstorm with team members to initiate Team Spirit coordination for recruiting and team building. 2016-17 season: Lisa Jung-Moss and James O’Gara
  • Fundraising: With additional volunteers, coordinate Visitation-Gonzaga Picnic and Christmas Tree Sale, maintain time tables, communicate with Visitation, help Treasurer and Booster Chairs identify and plan for fundraising goals. Observe fundraisers, assist where possible, and build knowledge and learn best practices to further enhance future efforts. 2016-17 season: Lynne Rasmussen
  • Hospitality: Coordinate set-up of Visitation Crew tent(s) at all Regattas, plan food, amenities, and branding within the tent, focusing on coordinated use of team colors and logos, provide for the comfort of rowers and families attending. Coordinate Wednesday breakfasts. 2016-17 season: Sally Aman

Other Volunteer Positions:

  • Uniforms: Coordinate measuring , ordering, and delivery of team uniforms. Work with Spirit Wear Coordinator to develop additional Uniform items, such as racing caps or headbands. 2016-17 season: Megan Hilal
  • Spirit Wear Coordinator: Develop, coordinate and order Spirit Wear for team families. 2016-17 season: Katie McGovern
  • Spring Break Camp Coordinator: Negotiate contract and manage logistics and coordinate with coaches for spring break camp. 2016-17 season: Tracy Taylor
  • Freshman Liaison: Coordinate support efforts of Freshman and Novice parents at regattas. 2016-17 season: Trisha Kolesar
  • Practice Support 2016-17 Season: Mary Kinyon
    • Daily Practice Transportation Coordinator: Coordinate student and parent volunteers to drive team members from Thompson’s Boat Center to Visitation after morning practice. May assist with team transport for away events.
    • Dock Duty Coordinator: Coordinate parents volunteers to provide safety support at the dock during practice each morning.