Rowing, hockey and swimming parents
all make a great case for the amount of sacrifice and hard work they put forth on behalf of their children.  Rowing can be fairly consuming for a rower and her family so thanks for your support.  This page contains some helpful information as you and your daughter learn the ins and outs of her sport.

Parents, please encourage your rower to bring her questions and concerns directly to the coaches. 

Unlike many other sports, crew has some unique needs:

  • Boats need to be housed, maintained and serviced.
  • Equipment (boats, tents, tables) needs to be transported for each regatta.
  • Girls and families need to be fed, due to the length of regattas.
  • Communication needs to occur among coaches, girls, and families.
  • Money needs to be raised.

It takes a village to run the crew successfully, and we need parent involvement! The Georgetown Visitation Crew Boosters was formed by crew parents to facilitate the financial and logistical needs of the team.