Georgetown Potomac River

spectators key bridgeGeorgetown Visitation Crew’s home court is at the Potomac River Waterfront.  Potomac Waterfront regattas are held in Georgetown at the foot of the Key Bridge.  The races stretch along the new riverfront park, past Washington Harbor and end at or near Thompson’s Boat Center (TBC).

Parking in Georgetown is always a challenge. If the weather is good, go early. If there are other events in Georgetown, go early. No matter what, go early.

NOTE:  Washington, DC Meter Patrols mean business.  If you park in a spot that is two hours you will risk a ticket if you feed the meter.  Best practice is to move and find a second spot if you’re staying longer.  There are garages along K Street but they can have odd hours so double-check availability and any special rates.

Area surrounding Georgetown Waterfront Park