Regatta Headquarters Coordinator

Location: Occoquan

Duties: This person functions as the principal liaison and managerial support to the Regatta Director, Assistant Regatta Director, and Head Judge/Referee. They should also ensure that the HQ is kept reasonably clean and orderly to allow easy access to needed equipment and that there is sufficient room for all of its uses, including food and beverage storage.

Instructions: This person should arrive at HQ on regatta days at least one half-hour before the first volunteers so that distribution of equipment can flow efficiently. Two general characteristics are to: a) be able to field questions and give reasonable answers and b) know where each volunteer job is performed and generally what those jobs entail. Some of this individual’s key responsibilities on Regatta days, (not in priority order), are:

  • Maintain radio contact with Regatta Director, Head Judge/Referee, & Head Park Ranger before, during, and after theentire event;
  • Setup HQ equipment and paperwork, including waiver forms, for Volunteer Sign-In Coordinators and provide them with information sheets about: description of jobs; directions to the viewing stands and regatta finish line;
  • Setup equipment for Weigh-In Assistants in Upper Boathouse Erg Room;
  • Distribute life vests, flotation seat cushions, safety paddles for set-up launch drivers and helpers and make sure that all is returned at the end of the Regatta work day;
  • Assist, as needed, in the setup of the Concession Stand adjacent to HQ;
  • Move out Safety Equipment for start and finish lines and HQ area signage;
  • Direct Dock master Assistant and Launch master Assistant to positions;
  • Provide Launch master with list of schools providing launches for that regatta;
  • Prepare 10 minute & 8 minute Call-Time sheets and a list of competing schools for Announcers;
  • Revise corrected race schedules and distribute to coaches, judge/referees, other officials, radio relay team, award & results poster assistants, HQ announcer, Dock &, Launch Masters;
  • Sign in and direct finish line medical trainer to position & assist HQ area EMT or medical team with slightly injured or drenched rowers. Provide clothing changes from HQ to the latter;
  • Sign-out, distribute, and collect radios for Judge/Referees, Dock master, Launch master, Pontoon Boat driver, and other regatta officials and staff;
  • Distribute bullhorns to Dock master, Hot Dock Master, and others if needed;
  • Instruct and oversee HQ Announcer, Results Poster, and Awards Assistant what to do;
  • Provide reporters and news photographers with schedules, results, and such arrangements as are necessary for their coverage;
  • Prepare enlarged Regatta Schedule sheet for public posting outside of HQ;
  • Handle all incoming telephone calls;
  • With Regatta Director, make sure that all equipment are properly returned and stored.
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