Provide Regatta Launches

Job Type: Club provided equipment (up to 19 per regattas)

Location: Georgetown & Occoquan

Description: When each organization is participating in a regatta at their home practice site, they will be required to provide regatta launches, equipment knowledgeable personnel, and launch access (ferrying to launch/providing keys/setting up boat). Each of these organizations will supply launches equipped with appropriate engines (9.9HP or above) in good operating condition, gas tank, matching connecting hose, lines, paddle, anchor, life preservers and horn. Oil and gas requirements must be clearly understood and properly marked for VASRA to assure proper gas and oil is supplied for the regatta. VASRA regatta personnel will drive the launches at the assignment of the Launch Master/Regatta Chair, so member clubs should not assume that their launches will be driven by their own club members.

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