Welcome to the sport of rowing!  Since 1997, Head Coach Gretchen Abell has turned girls with little or no experience into skilled and competitive rowers and coxswains. Georgetown Visitation Crew is known for competitive rowing, state-of-the-art equipment, and dedicated rowers and families.  With up to 50 girls on the team, Georgetown Visitation Crew is the largest athletic team at the school.  Many of our girls have continued their rowing careers at colleges throughout the country including University of Notre Dame, Bates College, Trinity College, Brown University, United States Naval Academy, Boston College, Cornell University, UCLA and University of Delaware.


Georgetown Visitation Crew owns 3 eight+ boats (8 rowers plus coxswain), 1 four+ boat (4 rowers plus coxswain) and four launches (motorboats used by coaches).  We also rent an eight+ boat, so that we are able to race 5 boats. Race season begins in late March or early April and continues through the third week of May.


  • First 8 / VARSITY 8 / 1V – 1 coxswain and 8 rowers, all classes eligible.
  • Second 8 / JV 8 / 2V – 1 coxswain and 8 rowers, all classes eligible.
  • Junior 4 – 1 coxswain and 4 rowers, juniors class and lower eligible.

Freshmen and Novice:

  • Freshmen 8 – 1 coxswain and 8 rowers, only freshmen are eligible.
  • Novice 8 – 1 coxswain and 8 rowers, any class and in first year of rowing.


  • There is no “bench” in rowing and we can’t “Sub-in” a rower during a race -there will be rowers who do not make it into a line up or boat week-to-week.  The teammates who do not get into a lineup will change from week-to-week as the coaches seek to find the best boat lineups.

Rower Expectations: 

  • As a member of the team, girls are expected to arrive at Thompson’s Boat Center at 5:20am daily.  Practice ends at 7:00am and younger girls are transported back to school by upperclassmen and parent volunteers.
  • Limit planned absences. Team members are expected to row during spring break except in the case of freshmen and novice rowers where family trips have previously been arranged.
  • Show up for practice mentally and physically prepared.
  • Communicate!
  • Help de-rig boats on the Friday before a race and re-rig boats after a race on either Saturday or Sunday.

The goal is to develop a winning team and for all rowers to have fun, be happy, and love the sport.