Since 1997, Georgetown Visitation Crew has competed in the Virginia State Rowing Association (VASRA) league. Look around this site to learn about the sport and Visitation's program.

2017 Stotesbury Regatta

Visitation Crew started the Stotesbury Regatta with a courageous performance by our Freshman 8, rowing with an knee injury and broken steering to finish 27th of 40 boats. Next up, 2V rowed hard to finish 10th in the heat and moved on to finish 5th in the semi-final. In very large event, our 4 was seeded 46th of 60 boats and finished 23rd. And finally, our 1V rowed well to finish 21st. Alumnae Katherine McCarthy and Maggie Fletcher came to visit the tent.
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2017 End of Season Banquet

On Sunday, May 21, Visitation Crew came together to honor our senior rowers and send them off with our best wishes for their futures: Maisy Dombo, Eleanor Kinyon, Claire Maco, Rosemary McGovern, Sally Harris Porter, Reilly Rourke, Charlotte Sendi, Olivia Silveri, Dana Walker. Team Captains Rosemary McGovern and Sally Harris Porter gave out paper plate awards to all Varsity rowers, Caroline Mukerjee gave out paper plate awards to all Freshman rowers, and everyone enjoyed a season highlights video and a senior tribute video created by Lisa Jung.
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2017 Ted Phoenix

The Freshmen rowers had a lot of drama at the Ted Phoenix Regatta, with a pre-race steering repair using duct tape. Like troopers, they pulled through and came in 4th with a time of 6:58:81.
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2017 VASRA Championships

A night of heavy rain left the Occoquan high and muddy, but our girls were not phased. Our 4 finished 5th in their heat, our 1V finished 1st in the Petite final, and our 2V finished 3rd in the final. Way to go ladies! On to Stotes.
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2017 Charlie Butt

On a hot summer day in April, Visitation Crew rowed at the Charlie Butt Regatta on our Potomac River home course. Our 4 made it to the finals where they placed 2nd.

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2017 Carr Cup

A week of heavy rain caused the Potomac to be unrowable. After a venue change to Capital Boat Club on the Anacostia River, so the regatta finally got underway and went off smoothly.
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2017 BCC Scrimmage

On April Fool's Day, Visitation Crew scrimmaged BCC and our 4 won!
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2017 St. Andrew's

Like last year, April 22 began with uninspiring drizzle as Visitation Crew headed to St. Andrew's School in Townsend, Delaware. Unlike last year, the rain did not stop, but we had a delicious BBQ just the same.

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2017 Spring Break Camp

Before dawn on March 22, 23 Varsity rowers headed to Camp Bob Cooper in Summerton, SC. Even earlier, Coaches Gretchen and Kelley departed with a trailer full of boats. Upon arriving on the scenic shores of Lake Marion, everyone settled into bunkhouses and unloaded and rigged boats. Over the next 4 days, they rowed and rowed and rowed and got a warm South Carolina welcome at Mass at Our Lady of Hope church.
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2016 Champ Camp

The Freshman team held a Champ Camp here in DC with some extended sessions on the Potomac and at Visitation. On the water, they enjoyed longer practices and spent time rowing at sixes and getting comfortable rowing all eight. The extra sessions helped solidify what they had learned in the first couple weeks of practice and made all the difference in the first race.

2016 Visi-Gonzaga Picnic

Gonzaga Fathers Club and Visitation Fathers Club host this event in early September for incoming freshmen and their families. tiffanyandcaroleCrew is responsible for advertising, decorations, ticket sales, coordinating with the priests for Mass, and procuring and preparing food. Special thanks go out to Tiffany Kernan and Carole Augustine, who organized this picnic this year.
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2016 Christmas Tree Sale

Visitation Crew Boosters run the sale on our campus over two consecutive weekends in December.    This event is our biggest fundraiser and its success has a big impact on our operating budget. It also provides good bonding time for parents and girls and is a fun way to kick off the Christmas season. Special thanks to Lynne Rasmussen and Jef Walker who again ran the 2016 sale to record profits.
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